Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Corp supports n00b.

G'day all,

Just following up from my last post since I didn't want it to be a 4 page epic..

Logging into EVE tonight, I was ready to give it away. I was trying to think what other MMO's can I play? I've done World of Warcraft -sick of that. Maybe I can give Age of Conan another go since it's shaky launch (which promised to be something it wasn't yet). I looked at the clock, 8:30pm. Meh, by the time I install it, activate my account, download all the patches I'll have to go to bed for work in the morning. Can't be fucked.

I dicked around in EVE. (wow, that saying sounds so wrong, but I kind of like it.) not really sure what to do. I made the 38 jumps back with my Merlin, and sped past a few WT's that were flashing "IM RED AND WILL EAT YOUR BABIES FACES OFF". I got podded for the first time last night doing the same thing. I learned to be a bit more careful. Anyway, I mentioned doing this massive jump marathon to get a Merlin and people thought that was just crazy. So I was immediately showered with ISK and a ship.

I was trying to save up for a Caracal myself. I'd rather do the hard yards first, then be given gifts so I can appreciate them more. Remember back to your first car? Now, if that was bought for you, piss off. If you saved your arse off for it and bought it yourself, how much did you fucken care about that bastard!? Man, I was polishing my first car every weekend. Vacuuming it, washing it, driving it around showing it off. *whistles*. I appreciated the hell out of that car purely because I saved for it. Well, that's what I wanted to do in EVE.. but alas, EVE is a lot different to life. I was mailed ISK that I couldn't refuse, and the CEO private convo'd me and told me to ask for help, ISK or anything else I needed, and basically, I'm a mad prick for jumping 80 times for a Merlin.

The flood of support was awesome. I was about the PM the CEO and ask him to remove me from ANZA because I really didn't think I could go on in this game. It's slow, boring and totally overwhelming. He said to me to give EVE more time and with the ISK and stuff everyone has given me, that should make it easier.

How good is that? I'm not one to take things from people as I hate the stigma of a "beggar". I like to earn my keep, show respect for things and in time, I believe that pays for itself. I had to face the facts. This is a GAME. Get used to it. Accept  the help, accept the freebies and one day I can do unto others as I have had done to me. Did that last part make sense? Trying to be too smart for my own good.

As a corpie said.. It's a team effort. I'll get helped along to be a strong player and, in turn, I can then use my strength for the good of the corp. What goes around comes around and all that. Makes sense. That is all.


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