Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home sweet home -again.


After 38 jumps, I finally made it to ANZA HQ. The flight was good. I had half a dozen windows open, configuring bits and pieces whilst warping, and the time went pretty quick. Not really knowing the war status of ANZA yet, I made to I checked each system for "red flashies" and also quickly looked in local. Anyway, the move went well.

I left a Merlin at another station which I'll have to go back for, but I'm not in a rush at the moment. At first, I wasn't going to bother. I checked the price of the Merlin on the market and it was something ridiculously cheap. When I reached my destination 38 jumps later, I jumped onto the market to buy one and found quite a considerable difference. It appears I have more to learn about the market and the different systems.

ANZA has been great. It feels far more active that E-Uni. Tonight, someone got podded in 0.8sec and apparently that's not normal. The talk of sending ships out to pop caps in arses got the blood boiling and I got a taste of the excitement in the corp. I bet It's freakin' electric when a real fight is about to happen!

I have already had offers to run L4 missions and salvage the wrecks. I had a bit of mucking around to do tonight and settling into the corp, so I couldn't accept, but it's great knowing that opportunities like that exist for a n00b 1 day into a new corp. I think I'd still be docked in E-Uni, spinning my ship around.

I hadn't learned the Infomorph skill yet, required for Jump Clones, as It is a fair whack of ISK for me. I only had 1.9million ISK and the skill was worth 900k. E-Uni is great like that. Anything up to 1 mil ISK is given to you. Now, I have to fund these things myself, and that requires a job. I'm ok with this though. It's good to be forced into looking after yourself and also, ANZA is prepared to help out by running missions with me and I think they even have a mining group going. So I'm not totally alone. I'm learning the first few levels of Infomorph now and hopefully after that, I'll be able to join in on OP's.

Have a good one,

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