Tuesday, April 13, 2010

n00b trading


I don't think there is terribly much interest in the "n00b blog" market. We n00bs have very little to say that's interesting really. Sure, other players starting out may find it helpful but most n00bs wouldn't even know about the large blog roll EVE has. So that leaves the experienced players and you guys don't want to read ramblings of a n00b right?

Anyway, an update because it's been a while.

I went through this stage recently of pissing EVE off my system. It got really boring for a while, even in this great corp. People are always doing shit in my corp. There's always a fairly active PvP contingent and on a few occasions I snuck into TS and listened to the goings on. It sounds pretty intense and most of all, fun.
I read the kill posts on the forum and some of the epic stories that go along with them are inspiring.

I wish I could join them but alas, you need ISK.

Inspired by someone in my corp, I decided to give trading a shot. I've tried mining, missions, salvaging and manufacturing to make some ISK but I got bored pretty quickly. Out of those few examples, missions and salvaging is the most bearable. I wanted something that could make money while I'm not playing and trading has that potential.

So i began reading about trading. Man, is this confusing. There's quite a few types of trading and different ways to go about it. There are elements I do understand like buy low, sell high. That's probably the most well known rule. I understand hauling can play a large part of trading too as you buy low in one system, haul it over to another system and sell it for a high price. The difference is your profit. That's fine.

I want to get to a point where I'm hauling once a week. Just to keep my PVP habit alive. A habit I don't have yet mind you. The act of hauling isn't bad actually. Dare I say I like it. I put this down to only having to make 9 jumps though, as I am only trading between Jita and Amarr hubs. Yes I know, that's not ideal at all and I have been told. :) You see, my current plan of attack is to buy low sell orders and then sell them to high buy orders. Pretty standard stuff and not very imaginative. The problem is there isn't a hell of a lot of ISK to to be made this way unless you have a substantial amount of ISK to use. I don't have enough, clearly, as any trading I'm doing is only making me 100-200k profits. Sometimes I have to make 15 jumps to get that. Highly ineffective.

I have to establish a good trade route. This is where I'm fucked. I have no idea where to begin doing this save for someone telling me to find a mission hub and trade drones and ammo there. That's fine and all but there's fucking heaps of mission hubs! I was trying to work out decent L4 missions hubs close to Amarr with the agent finder and Ombeys 2DMaps. I've found 4 possible systems so far that may be ok, but I really don't know what I'm looking for. They have L4 missions there and that's about it. Save from having characters littered all over the place checking prices, I have NFI how I can check prices around the place and make informed decisions. There is something I'm not grasping, and it's driving me nuts. It is also delaying my urge to PVP.

I have 2 accounts now, with a trader on each account. One is flying a bestower and the other should be flying a mammoth in a few hours. The potential is there to make ISK, just need to crack the code in my brain that is blocking what appears to be bloody obvious to everyone else regarding trading.

In saying all of that though, I'm not a numbers guy. I prefer to design shit rather than program. However, I am getting a certain enjoyment in trying to work out profits and read the market, even if I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I think It's because I feel smarter now haha.


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