Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My apology to ANZA


I figured I'd create a new post for this. Probably not really funny or relevant to anyone else but me, so it's more for my own amusement.

When I started my 14-day trial, I had one corporation in mind that I wanted to join. That was ANZAC Alliance. Reason being was that they were Australian! So I jumped into their recruit channel as soon as I figured out how to do it. After reading through the usual "guff", I learned that you couldn't apply whilst on trial accounts. Fuck.

"Ok", I thought. "I'll bloody well sit in the channel until my trial is up, then I'll make a decision whether or not to subscribe".

They were recruiting at this stage and I still had about 13 days to go. Yipee. So I asked if recruitment was still going to be open in a couple weeks, thinking I'd just double check because knowing my luck, it will close just as I want to apply. The general consensus was yes, they would be. Excellent. Muhaha... Muhahahahaha... Muhahahahahaha... (*raises pinky finger to mouth Dr. Evil style*)


At about day 10, something happened with the ANZAC recruitment channel. It was changed to another name and I was told to move to the new channel. I didn't even know how, and felt like a right dickhead. Some kind chap helped me out though. Then I was told that ANZAC was trying to be known as ANZA. I do admit, I LOL'd in real life. In a world of abbreviations, I really didn't think 1 letter was a huge deal. Plus ANZAC is synonomous with our Aussies diggers (soldiers) and I just really couldn't understand why but, I accepted it.

Then my original fears were realised. "Recruitment: CLOSED". "What the fuck!?". "Those dirty rat bas..." (* a tirade of expletives can be heard trailing off into the distance*).

It was sheer disappointment. I didn't want anything more than to be in ANZA. To me, it was the only large Aussie corp worthy of being in. The corps name just oozed 'home'. Shattered, I went back to some forums where I tend to hang out and had my say (re: whinge). I knew a couple members that were on the forums were actually in ANZA, so i expected them to say a few things about it. I didn't expect other people to stick up for ANZA as well! Although I thought my point was valid, I did begin to see that I jumped in too hastily to condemn ANZA. Of course, it is the CEO's choice to open or close recruiting, no matter what other people tell you.

That's when I applied to E-Uni, knowing they took any decent honest n00b in.

So now, I'm eating humble pie it seems. Not only was I accepted into ANZA very quickly, but everyone was nice and welcoming. MmmMmm... humble pie tastes bitter sweet.

So to ANZA, I am sorry. Now let's shake hands and drink some beer!


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