Thursday, March 25, 2010

N00B UI colour tip!


After staring at a computer screen all at work my eyes must become a bit tired. That, or I just have trouble reading the EVE UI. Man it would be nice to change fonts in EVE.

Anyway, white text on black is just damn hard to read for me. The white all just tends to blur together and I find myself getting closer to the screen.

I found some colour options in the main menu under the 'General Tab'. Have a play around, you can change the colours of the background which makes the contrast a bit softer. Much easier to read things.

Also, another little n00b tip: You can increase the font in the chat windows my clicking the small letter "A" in the top left of your chat windows. There's 2 actually, one increases and the other decreases the font size. This was especially helpful. One font size bigger is great.

I've sent a buddy invite to my alt for some free playing time. I basically want to run 2 instances of EVE so I can mine on the alt and whatever else on the main. Unfortunately, I ran into problems. Apparently you can't run 2 demo's on the one computer, or for that matter, 2 paid copies. I chucked a copy on my laptop, and though it meets the minimum requirements, EVE doesn't run. Bleh..

However, there is a solution! EVE - Multiple Clients It's a link to a wiki explaining how to do it. I've also read that you cannot have 1 paid & 1 trial running so they both have to be paid copies. I'm running EVE through Steam, so hopefully I can get something working using both sources of info.

Well, that's about it. No in-game updates per se.


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  1. I remember not being able to run the secondary account with the 21 days free time. Must have somethign to do with port/IP monitoring on CCP's end to make sure some fuckers dont run 500 trial accounts each.

    with the skill queue now in place though you dont really need to log on that often so switching out between sessions should not be too much of a pain.